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TF:P is set in the year 2395 and centered around a mysterious region of unexplored space known as the Vordath Cluster. In the center of this region is an alien starbase that Starfleet has begun to establish relations with. Meanwhile, a colony is discovered to be a society consisting of survivors and descendants of a Federation starship that crashed on a planet one hundred years ago.

Early Starfleet exploration of the Vordath Cluster has determined that the entire region is in a state of quantum and temporal flux. The region acts as a conduit through space/time, in which ships and people from different quantum realities and times may enter the region yet return to their own universe upon leaving.

Events within the Romulan Star Empire have been unstable since the Hobus Incident of 2387 and continue to deteriorate. Many factions within the Empire have begin to take form and vie for power while outside grou…
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